Thursday, 8 July 2010

Faith and Questions

"If we have faith, there are no questions; if we do not have faith, there are no answers" - Voltaire

My sister mentioned this to me this afternoon, and I have been thinking about it... I think it's perhaps a little simplistic. I think it is more true to say that if we have faith, we can live with the questions.

Christianity is faith in a Person; a person whom we actually know and spend time with. It's a friendship. So when things seem to go wrong, faith is a matter of trusting that whatever He does or allows to happen, He has a good reason for. We can trust Him in this way because of the friendship we have - the time we have spent in His company, the things He has done for us in the past, the Person we know Him to be.

In particular, we can trust because of what Jesus did for us on the Cross. No one would put themselves through such horrendous misery for someone else unless they genuinely cared for them very deeply, and genuinely wanted the very best for them. So when the bad stuff happens in our lives, we need to trust our friend - our very best friend - and wait for Him to explain, because we know that He will have a reason that justifies whatever it was that we went through.

It probably is true that without faith, no answer will ever satisfy us. Unless we can learn to trust Jesus as a Person, we will always be confused and dissatisfied; but if we can learn to put our trust in Him, as our friend, the questions are ok, because we know that there are answers - and satisfactory ones - we just don't have them yet.

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